Spray Gun Cleaners for Body Shops

Serving NJ, NY, PA, CT & More

We offer the full line of spray gun cleaning equipment from Drester. Drester was one of the first manufacturers of gun cleaning equipment and they remain a market leader today. Their unique membrane pump, developed by Drester specifically for spray gun cleaners, sets them apart. Their safe and easy-to-use equipment is known for its quality, efficiency, reliability and performance. Drester has even developed special equipment with an integrated water recycling system for water based paint.

Spray Gun Cleaning Products

BoXer Series: The brand new BoXer Double gun cleaner series (.pdf brochure).

QuickRinse Series: Rapid cleaning for disposable cup systems (.pdf brochure).

1000: High performance gun cleaner for water borne paint systems (.pdf brochure).

1050L/D: The brand new model 1050 gun cleaner has been designed specifically to handle water based paints here in North America (.pdf brochure).

3600: Semi-automatic gun cleaner for conventional paints (.pdf brochure).

8000: Fully-automatic gun cleaner for all paint systems (.pdf brochure).

CS Solvent Recycler: Unique solvent recycler with superior recovery rates and built-in transfer station (.pdf brochure).

AquaSolve: Water-borne solvent intended for gun cleaning, making water-borne cleaning a lot quicker and easier (.pdf brochure).

spray gun cleaners

Model 1050 spray gun cleaner
for U.S. water borne paints