Paint Booth Air Moving System

Trisk HydroMaster Fan Drying System

The new Trisk HydroMaster FDS (Fan Drying System), ATEX approved air drying system provides body shops with an affordable, easy means of drying compliant paint systems. By redirecting the cabin air onto the vehicle or panel, significant benefits are produced.

  • Entire vehicle dried in less than 12 minutes (waterborne basecoat)
  • Used on all coatings to accelerate drying – 30% improvement
  • No purge delay
  • Running costs of only 1 cent per drying cycle
  • Can be retrofitted to most makes of booths
  • System installed and operation in one day

Corner Mounted Systems

corner mounted systems
  • Further away from vehicle
  • Less contact time with panel
  • More turbulence
  • More contamination possible!
  • Often not approved

Wall Mounted HydroMaster FDS

wall mounted system
  • Closer to vehicle
  • More contact time with panel
  • Faster drying time
  • Less turbulence – No contamination
  • ATEX approved
unobtrusive air nozzles

Air nozzles housed in unobtrusive design
on both sides of booth wall

simple control system

Simple 3-button, external control box; On/Off/Timer

ATEX approved fan

ATEX approved fan

What you are saying about the FDS

“The FDS has really exceeded our expectations. Drying times for panels are as little as 4 minutes and a complete vehicle in 8 minutes. We also have a corner mounted air moving system in our shop buy everyone prefers the FDS, which is used on every single repair and has saved us a huge amount in fuel bills and really speeded up our throughput.”

M. José Beltramelli
Owner – Beltramelli Collision

paint booth air moving system