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spraytech spray boothsWe are proud to be a provider of SprayTech equipment. SprayTech offers a diverse, affordable line of professional paint booths, prep stations, mixing rooms & more for any level and any application.

By bringing this line to our local market, almost anyone we work with can now buy an easy-to-assemble, precision-made, quality spray booth that will generate professional results, last a long time, and look great in your shop.

All SprayTech products meet or exceed NFPA, EPA and OSHA standards. All are ETL listed with approved electric components.

Spray Booths - Automotive, Truck, Industrial

SprayTech spray booths are some of the most diverse and affordable available on the market today, even offering a solution to apply heated paint booths without the need of a pit.

automotive spray booths

Automotive Spray Booths

  • Premier Down Draft - designed to provide the collision repair industry the best choice for painting cars.
  • Thermaire Insulated - designed to compete with the imported insulated booths, this American made booth is easy to assemble due to the vertical panel configuration and offers many of the high-end features associated with top spray booths in the industry.
  • Thermaire Full Down - this down draft spray booth is the classic solution to automotive refinishing and offers the highest quality finishing environment.
  • Power Semi-Down - allows fresh filtered air to surround the vehicle and is then exhausted along with the overspray through exhaust filters located in the rear exhaust plenum.
  • Side Down Draft - the clear choice where a traditional pitted design or raised floor is impractical or impossible.
  • Reverse Flow - this cross draft, or cross flow, spray booth has been the industrial workhorse of the industry for over 30 years.
  • Front Flow - this cross draft, or cross flow, spray booth is an affordable industry standard - offering value without sacrificing quality.
truck spray booths

Truck Spray Booths

  • Full Down Truck Booth - when you need the latest in truck booth design, you need look no further. Instead of obsolete I-Beam construction, we use formed steel J-Beam construction that is much lighter but also much stronger.
  • Semi-Down Truck Booth - allows the cleaner air from above the booth to enter the booth through intake filters located in the front ceiling. The fresh filtered air then surrounds the vehicle and is exhausted along with the overspray through exhaust filters located in the rear exhaust plenum.
  • Side Down Truck Booth - the clear choice where a traditional pitted design or raised floor is impractical or impossible. Easily the most cost-efficient addition to any paint and body shop. With large volumes of clean tempered air movement and high output, color corrected, equally distributed light, you can't buy a better spray booth for the money.
  • Reverse Flow Truck Booth - the workhorse of the industry for over 30 years. This unit is called a "reverse flow" is because it exhausts the air in the front of the booth, not the rear. If the booth draws any contaminants in through the front door area, they immediately go to the exhaust instead of being pulled into the booth cabin.
  • Front Flow Truck Booth - the Front Flow cross draft, or cross flow spray booth is an affordable industry standard. This finishing solution offers value without sacrificing quality.
industrial spray booths

Industrial Spray Booths

  • Airplane Booth - specialized finishing environments tailor made to your products and requirements. Sizes are available to accommodate anywhere from two seat high wings to Boeing 747's. The booth shown in construction on the right was designed for Air Force fighter jets.
  • Production Tunnel - specialized painting and curing environments tailor made to your products and environments. Since manufacturers of every shape and size face today's economy with cost efficiency in mind, it's more important than ever to have the right equipment for the right application.
  • Carbon Exhaust Cube - built to substantially reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on industrial open face booths, thanks to the carbon filtration system, without the need for conventional ducting. They mount directly onto the exhaust fan!
open spray booths

Open Face Booths

Our complete line of open faced industrial booths is available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to meet every need and application. Because of the ever-changing environmental restrictions and guidelines that manufacturers must adhere to, we have the right booth for every situation.

From simple single-person units to 50' wide custom configurations large enough to accommodate multiple users, we will help you design the ideal booth.

Years of experience have gone into the design and placement of our light fixtures. These units are designed and built by Spray-Tech for the express purpose of spray booth lighting.All panels are galvanized for corrosion protection. Heavy duty white powder coating is available.

table top spray booths

Table Top Spray Booth

Our table top spray booth is the small, convenient version of our other open faced spray booths. Since it fits nearly anywhere, all you have to do is plug it in and you're ready to spray. No ducting required!

This unit is a self-contained tabletop spray booth. The unit features a three (3)-stage filtration system that uses carbon as the final stage. The carbon filter absorbs organic solvents so that the unit can be used indoors with no outside ventilation required.

Air is pulled into the face of the spray booth at a velocity of 125 linear feet per minute. It is first drawn over the object being sprayed to carry off any overspray. The overspray is captured in a net of fiberglass filters inside the booth. From there the air goes to a double layer of high-efficiency pleated filters to remove any remaining particles, then it is forced through two (2) beds of carbon granules to remove the solvent.

prep stations

Prep Stations

  • Smart Prep - an outstanding environment for refinishing miscellaneous parts, products or vehicle subassemblies.  Since the Smart Prep comes standard with a full roof, curtains or walls and is ventilated so air is drawn into the booth, this product meets NESHAP 6H as well as other local code requirements. It includes heated make up air and integrated paint mixing room, all in a 12' x 25' footprint.
  • Our prep stations are available in a variety of sizes and air flow configurations to match your budget, space, and production environments.

    Prep stations feature pressured ceiling air intake, direct fired heat and re-circulating air make-up system, steel stiffeners, 18-gauge steel panels, and strategically located light fixtures designed specifically for spray booth lighting.

Mixing Rooms

mixing rooms

With over 30 different mixing room sizes to fit any shop building layout, paint storage and mixing can be done with consistently clean results. Clean air is pulled through the intake filters at the top of the booth and flows downward to where it exits through the exhaust plenum at the bottom opposite end of the booth.

Quiet operation is assured with our reverse inclined turbine blade. It is made of non sparking materials and is self cleaning for maintenance free operation. The blower can be wired for 115, 208, or 230 volt operation. The exhaust is connected to an interior vapor removal plenum.

Years of experience have gone into the design and placement of our light fixtures. These units are designed and built by Spray-Tech for the express purpose of spray booth lighting.

They feature mirrored reflectors for maximum light projection and a one piece outer skin to keep shop dust out, and give the spray booth a clean exterior look.

Products for Smaller Uses

Smart Air - a highly mobile, easy-to-use, at-source extraction system designed to free up your spray booth and maximize your throughput.

Wheel Smart - an at-source extraction system which allows the paint finishing process of wheels to be carried out in workshops without the need for a conventional spray booth.

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