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blowtherm paint booths

Automotive Paint Booths

Blowtherm has responded to new regulations pushing for water based paint and drying booth solutions with the most innovative equipment on the market. These systems reduce atmospheric pollution and save energy while enhancing operating speeds and the overall quality of the finished work.  The key components to these paint booth and drying systems include the following:

Air Speed

To facilitate the use of water based products, the new AIR SPEED system was developed. This is the ultimate water borne material solution, increasing air velocity up to four times compared to traditional ventilation systems. Advantages include:

    • Shorter flash-off times between coats.
    • Shorter curing time.
    • Faster Removal of volatile components before the start of the reticulation process.

Blowtherm Air Speed Demonstration Video

Frequency Drive

Automotive paint and drying booths using frequency drive motors allow for a reduction in the volume of air required during the painting phases where a lower volume of air will not compromise paint work quality, curing performance, or operator safety. Advantages include:

    • Energy savings: lower fuel costs (up to 34%) and lower power costs (up to 32%).
    • Automatic pressure control within the spray booth.
    • Reduced electrical demand peaks and no pressure jumps in the booth box.

Direct Fire Gas Burner

direct fire gas burnerWith the direct fire gas burner, combustion takes place within the spray booth downdraft air flow. Advantages of this component include:

    • 100% efficient
    • Energy savings
    • Shorter operating cycles
    • Fast response to the set temperature
    • Safety
    • Stable temperature control
    • Burner flue is not required
    • Reduced need for maintenance
booth heating recuperator

Heating Recuperator

The highly efficient thermoventilation units, treating high volumes of air, can be equipped with heating recuperators, which recover the heat of the exhaust air (during the spraying and the drying phases) by reintroducing the recovered heat into the intake air supply. Advantages include:

    • High efficiency
    • Savings: the heat recuperator offers a considerable energy savings, especially in the winter season.

Smart Cure

Smart Cure is a program which provides a very quick curing system after which it is possible to work immediately on the vehicle. Advantages include:

    • Shorter drying cycle.
    • Easy to use.
    • As the cycle is shorter, the electrical and fuel consumption per cycle is lower.
    • Higher profit from increased productivity.
truck and industrial paint booths

Truck & Industrial Paint Booths

We provide complete production solutions for large-scale paint booths and prep areas for all types of industrial needs, including trucks, buses, heavy vehicles, railway carriages, planes, boats, and more. These solutions are measured and manufactured for specific industries using advanced technologies and top-quality quality materials - ultimately lowering operating costs, reducing environmental impacts, and increasing productivity levels and safety.

heated prep stations

Heated Prep Stations

Blowtherm preparation stations can be found throughout the world. The product quality ensures customer satisfaction. Prep stations can be built from a wide range of possible solutions. Installations with bases in various sizes, with grids on partial or total surface. Simple extraction units with wall extraction or extraction through excavation and filtered plenums. The preparation areas can be equipped with air extraction units and positive pressure heated ventilation system, with conventional or direct fired burner, or hot water battery, particularly suitable for smart repairs.

Paint Mixing Rooms

paint mixing roomsThe Blowtherm mixing box is a workspace used to mix and prepare the paint for the vehicles that have to be painted. It is equipped with lighting, ventilation, one-wing personnel door with window, and thrust door handle with exit from the inside to the outside (anti-panic handle).

Components included in the standard version:

    • Double skin wall panels made of galvanized Fe/Zn, pre-coated steel plate, with inner insulation.
    • Roof made of galvanized Fe/Zn, pre-coated steel plate.
    • Light fixture fitted in the roof, equipped with a safety glass and rephrased neon tubes; IP55 class.
    • Entry door with safety glass and anti-panic handle.
    • Ventilation system with exhaust and intake fan.
    • Interlocked electrical controls for lighting and ventilation.
    • Electrical supply: 230/1/50 Hz.
    • Light fixture switch on retarder.


  • Stainless steel bench with air suction
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